• Unlock all LG by code IMEI

    Unlock all LG by code IMEI

    We can unlock your LG subsidy code by using your IMEI, this is the process of unlocking the Internet more secure, now do you unlock your phone and use it on any carrier you want and Country


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    Unlock your LG easily using our unlocking service by code allowance.(Unlock code for use on other carriers)

    We can supply the unlock code to unlock LG mobile phones LG quickly and easily.
    All models imported from any country and carrier are supported except:

    Phones locked to Tracfone or Net10.


    Unlock LG Phones:

    Using subsidy unlock code: This is also known as "remote unlocking and unlocking phone by getting and entering unique unlock code i on the phone, which removes all restrictions, and this is the most common method and guaranteed.


    Benefits of our service

    * You do not have hardware or software to unlock
    * Unlock code is entered via phone keypad (easy to unlock)
    * Personal Phone settings are preserved
    * Enter the unlock code and unlock immediately
    * Unlock code is delivered via e-mail (faster delivery).
    * Our release does not violate the warranty on your phone.

    Our unlock your phone becomes available for use on other carriers, use the operator that you want without restriction, it increases the market value of your phone, a user would prefer to buy an unlocked phone to buy a lock.

    All models are supported, all operators in the world are supported!
    How to go about unlocking

    Use the "Add to cart" available at the top of this page, then click on "CHECK OUT", you will be redirected to a new page if you have not registered, you must create an account on our site, created after signup or login to your account, you must add some information in your phone option "add comment to your request."These data are needed in order to calculate your code, the data provided are:

    •     IMEI. (To know the IMEI type *# 06# on your phone or see on the back of the unit where the battery is fitted)
    •     Original operator. (Current Operator that the phone is locked)
    •     Country where it was purchased. (The country where you bought your phone)
    •     Model. (You must tell us your model to send the form to insert code correctly)

    These data must be accurate, therefore, during the purchase, check the same with CAUTION.

    The delivery of this code is 2-8 hours, after it made and confirmed your payment, you will receive your code and instructions in your Inbox E-mail, obtain your e-mail automatically after you complete the application and register on our site.


    How to Enter Unlock Codes on all LG Models

    Different phones have different Unlock Code Input Instructions, Try the following Instructions in Order:
    Method #1 Insert a non accepted simcard, and enter code when prompted for a code


    Method #2 Go to the dial screen and press “2945#*model number#”
    for example if its a p999 you enter “2945#*999#” or if its a p990 you enter “2945#*990#” etc…


    Method #3 to the dial screen and press 2945#*71001# as if making a call, enter code when prompted



    Method #4 Go to the dial screen and press *#865625# as if making a call, enter code when prompted




    Question: What is the unlock code?
    Answer: The term LG unlock code is used to refer to the unlock code 8 - 16 digit number that is needed to remove the lock or network provider (carrier) services lock LG phones.

    Question: What is the LG cell phone that can be unlocked by IMEI code (subsidy)?
    Answer: The LG unlocking via IMEI based on retrieving code from the appropriate databases using the phone's IMEI number. To unlock your phone, just enter the unlock code as instructed and your phone will be unlocked immediately, any LG GSM world can be unlocked by code.

    Question: What is IMEI and where can I get on my LG phone?
    Answer: Every GSM cell has an IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a set of number 15 or 17 digits is the serial number of your mobile phone to properly identify it, you can read your IMEI number by pressing * # 06 # on your phone You can find it on the label up the phone battery.

    Question: Is remote unlocking safe is guaranteed, there is some risk of damaging my LG phone?
    Answer: Unlocking via Unlock code is 100% safe and guaranteed method to unlock LG phones.
    In addition, we guarantee your unlock or your money back, and accept PayPal as payment.

    Question: I have to unlock my LG phone every time I change SIMs (My chip on my carrier)?
    Answer: No. Once your phone is unlocked, always unlocked, it remains permanently unlocked.

    Question: Would it still be able to use my old provider in my LG phone unlocked?
    Answer: Yes, the existing service will work without any changes whenever you use your existing SIM card.

    Question: How do I know if my LG phone is locked or unlocked?
    Answer: You can use a SIM from a different carrier and see if it works on your phone or not. If it works, the LG phone is already unlocked, but if you get some kind of messages, such as: Enter unlock code, enter the network code, then your phone is locked.

    Question: What is the security code of 4 digits for LG phones?
    Answer: This is the lock code entered or configured by the user. A user lock can be used on a phone is locked or unlocked, regardless of service provider or SIM card manufacturer.

    Question: I have another question, How do I contact you?

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